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The Educatiuonal division is directly subordinate to the Chancellor; and on part of educational activities it is a subject to the Vice Chancellor.

Head of the ED is an ex officio member of the USEL Grand and Scientific Councils.

Head of the ED  is directly managing of the ED structural units, drafting the USEL Statute of the educational process and the USEL educational activities calculation digits, supervision of enacting the USEL orders and normative documents on organization of educational activities in faculties and departments.

Head of the ED is responsible for the quality of work done by the ED and execution of functions and objectives of the Educational division. 


Objectives and Functions of the Division:


  • planning, organizing and controlling the educational process for BA courses
  • quality control of the educational process
  • coordination of activities executed by the USEL structural divisions that participate at the educational process
  • coordination of  activities of students organizations
  • development and introduction of new technologies into the educational process
  • organization of the curricula drafting process and implementation control for BA courses 
  • coordination of educational process with dean’s offices and departments
  • work load supervision and execution control in departments, registration and accounting of contractual employees
  • checking professors of BA courses, and providing the educational process with auditorium funds
  • optimization of professors and educational process schedule
  • control of classes
  • coordination of the Methodological Councils’ activities on the Faculties
  • preparation and registration of students’ graduation documents
  • organization of activities of the state examination committee
  • control over the administration of state examination journals and documents
  • control of current and cumulative examination process  
  • provision and check of documentation administration  of the educational process
  • educational, practical and pedagogical internship organization and supervision
  • drafting proposals for admissions to BA courses
  • admissions organization to continuative and second higher education courses  
  • organization of students surveys on teaching quality and effectiveness
  • preparation and registration of orders on undergraduates, postgraduates and applicants’ rotation (admissions, suspension, students’ rights restoration, etc.)
  • organization of students rotation and tuition fee discounts
  • organization of paid tuition services 
  • preparation of the USEL current and annual reports
  • drafting application forms and sample documents relating to the educational process, presenting new more effective proposals
  • specification of schedules for selective courses, internships, interim and final state examinations, graduate works and postgraduate thesis defense 
  • creation and maintenance of students database