Usel University

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Since establishment of the department it has been involved in preparation activities of the University life, and today it is glad to introduce the University website www.usel.am. Articles, news, reports about the University life are daily placed on the website. 

The main function of the department is to carry on the relationship with public and press, inform the latter about the events at the USEL University, spread press releases, prepare meetings with corresponding specialists on Mass Media requests, and organize TV programs about the University professors, faculty members.


The department is led by its own Regulations.


The main tasks and objectives of the department are:

a)    Organization and implementation of the University’s information and advocacy policy

b)    Creation of electronic communication system

c)    Cooperation with public units and other organizations, preparation of common working projects and their  implementation, information exchange

d)    Preparation of Mass Media information, publications, other references and analytical materials as agreed with the Rector

e)    Participation in organizational activities of events arranged by the Rector

The department has intentions for further expansion depending on work requirements.