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The Department of Strategic Management (hereinafter Department) of USEL University (hereinafter University) is a structural subdivision of the University.

The Department is formed by the order of the University Rector in compliance with the University Statutes.

The Department is guided in its activities by the University Statutes, orders of the University Rector, decisions of the governing bodies of the University, the below mentioned regulations and other legal acts.

The Department is led by the Head of the Department who is appointed and dismissed by the Rector.

The Head of the Department directly reports and is accountable to the Rector and Pro-rector in charge of coordinating the Department activities.

The Head of the Department:

  • plans the introduction of main directions of strategic programs
  • organizes immediate implementation of the Department activities
  • within the realm of his/her authorities makes relevant decisions, gives instructions and recommendations, prepares reports and accounts
  • oversees the implementation of plans and coordinates the process of improvement
  • defines the order of distributing work between the Heads of the Division and Centre in accordance with the functions performed by them

The Head of the Department has the right to temporarily delegate his/her powers to the Heads of the Division and Centre with the consent of the Rector.

The Division and Centre are accordingly led by the Head of the Division and Head of the Centre who are accountable to the Head of the Department. The Heads of the Division and Centre are appointed and dismissed by the order of the Rector.

The Department aims to coordinate the management of the University's strategic plans, arrange the introduction of reforms in that direction and assist in their implementation.

The main objectives of the Division are:

  • to develop/elaborate an action plan  for achieving the main directions of the University’s strategic plan in the context of current education reform
  • to render support to the development of strategy of the University faculties
  • to ensure participation in reform implementation processes envisaged by the University’s strategic plan in different fields of activity

 The objectives of the Center are:

  • to organize processes helping future applicants orient in the choice of a profession
  • to help identify individual capacities of University's future professionals and graduates and promote their competitiveness in the labor market
  • to provide feedback with the employer and consider his/her proposals and recommendations regarding the training of the University specialists.
  • organizes familiarization visits to introduce the activities of the University faculties.