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    USEL University understands the effectiveness of mutually beneficial cooperation between private and educational sectors. We believe that becoming a professional is not an end in itself, but is an instrument. The value of the real professional is the ability to use the gathered knowledge in practice. Taking into consideration the above mentioned, the feedback from the private sector which is ultimately the general demander of human resources on the labor market is one of most important points. 

    The Career center of USEL University ensures stable connection of the University with the private sector. The main goal of the center is to support students, graduates and young specialists to find their places in the global labor market. 

    To achieve this goal the center performs the following activities:

  • periodical recruitment and completion of the information about the students and graduates;
  • ensuring involvement of the students ad graduates in internship programmes in accordance with their specializations;
  • organization of trainings for students and graduates to enhance their knowledge and skills in the area of job hunting (CV writing, interview passing)
  • arrangement of meetings and career days with participation of students, graduates, young specialists and private sector representatives.
  • Consultations for the training department of the University in performing the educational program according to the requirements towards specialists.