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Economist is a person who on one hand is solving specific economic problems, on the other hand possesses the detailed depiction of the priorities in the national and global economics. 

Chair of the activities carried out by following directions.

Chair and approve annual work plans.

Based on the existing curriculum and distance learning in the process.

General and special curricula on specialized subjects and calendar plans of production and periodic refreshment.

Individual subjects taught by department faculty, course development and approval of the subject.

Research students in the department, the student's academic work supports.

Undergraduate education in the Faculty of Economics and manufacturing practices, the 4 week duration of the Ministry of Finance, the Treasury, the functional and sectoral ministries, the banking system, various commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Scientific conferences and scientific sessions of the chair to ensure active participation of the teaching staff.

Subjects taught by the Department provides educational programs for students and test their knowledge, in accordance with the requirements of modern technology, alternative methods (spectral lectures, exam and test methods, etc.).


Subjects and courses taught

Faculty chair of the "Economics" specialty departments of vocational subjects taught are greatest, the most important

  • Review of Economics
  • The teachings of history
  • State and municipal management
  • International Economic Relations
  • Agroturizm
  • World Economics
  • Tourism Economics
  • Assess the level of poverty issues
  • International tourism
  • Macro-economic regulation
  • Microeconomics
  • General Theory of Statistics
  • Socio-economic statistics
  • Finance and Credit
  • Stock market
  • Accounting and Audit
  • Principles of Management
  • Marketing Basics
  • Basics of commerce and E-commerce
  • Insurance  case
  • Banking
  • Analysis of economic activity, etc.