Usel University

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     Foreign Languages and Literature

In parallel with globalization trends it becomes extremely important to know foreign languages on high level. The most important output of this knowledge is the importation and practical implementation of the international experience in local reality.The faculty of Foreign Languages of USEL University educates students to be high level linguists who in the future can work in different fields such as translation, international relations, literary criticism. 

The main singularity of the faculty of Foreign Languages is that the education is starting from zero level for ensuring the comparable level of knowledge among students. And only after it the in-depth language training process available to all students is started. 

USEL University is also unique in terms of the French-second foreign language- in-depth study.

Apart from the hours fixed in the educational plan, all students can also examine foreign language translation program.

The faculty of Foreign Languages of USEL University is accredited by N 229 accreditation of Republic of Armenia.