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Language is the greatest achievement of humanity, a necessary condition for its survival and development, a means of understanding our surrounding world better, the mirror, and the depository of culture as a way of life and world- view of people.  A foreign language is a key to a magical door beyond which lies the world of other countries, other nations that open new and astonishing horizons for us.

It is through the diversity and variety of languages that we discover the riches of our world.

The chair of Foreign Languages and Literature at USEL University offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to help students develop the linguistic and cultural knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a multilingual, international society. Speaking another language gives students access to parts of the human experience closed off to those who are monolingual. The study of a foreign language gives students the tools to communicate with people of other backgrounds; the study of linguistics exposes them to the deeper structures of language and their role in the construction of reality; the study of culture allows them to understand and appreciate other ways of life; intensive analysis of literary texts in languages other than English helps students develop critical thinking skills that will help them engage with issues that transcend national boundaries. As they challenge themselves with new structures and ideas, our students develop an international perspective that will serve them and help them serve others at home and around the world.

 The Chair of Foreign language and Literature is an unique connecting link between fundamental scientific cultivations and educational process, they have to adapt to the educational process the newly created conceptions and methodologies to undergo the approbation of the new courses’ program and opening specializations.

The disciplines of the Chair:

  • Linguistics and intercultural communication
  • Pedagogy
  • Translating