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The Chair of Journalism is uniquely situated to harness the power of change and lead journalism and public relations into an ever more promising future.

The chair`ve has new faculty with expertise in digital and multi-media storytelling, social networks, economic literacy and entrepreneurial thinking, all anchored with the understanding that our work must reflect the diverse voices of a rapidly changing nation.

The Chair is infusing the curriculum with these skills, even as we reinvigorate the foundational classes -- in ethics and history and law, critical thinking and good writing and reliable information gathering. Meanwhile, it`s becoming ever more international in our faculty and in our programs.

We are doing journalism through our numerous award-winning news outlets.

Our newly revised graduate curriculum gives students more freedom to dig deeper into their interests, and allows them to enroll in courses offered in our four-year Specialized Journalism program. Our graduate journalism and public relation curricula similarly are undergoing a transformation designed to send our graduates into workplaces with 21st century skills and sensibilities.

As part of our commitment to service-based learning, you can also mentor young journalists in our University, create mobile apps for news for local media outlets and join our student organizations that help recruit students like you.

We are making a real difference, at a time when change is sorely needed.


The disciplines of the Chair:

  •  TV-press
  •  Radio-press
  •  print and  electronic media
  •  journal  journalism
  •  international  journalism
  •  investigative  journalism