Usel University

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In the process of forming a civil society one of most important issues is the realization of its rights by each citizen and the ability to protect them. 

The faculty of jurisprudence of USEL University gives the future specialists classic education by the educational program of  "legist" specialty. 

The faculty develops specialists also for regulation of legal issues in economics.

Economic subjects such as business organization, economic theory, statistics, financial accounting and auditing, banking, credit and finance form around 40% of the curriculum of the faculty. Together with civil law, international private law, foreign countries civil and commercial law courses economic subjects ensure the development of the specialists who know global economy on one hand, and financial activities of legal entities, on the other. With this extensive knowledge the graduates have the ability to regulate all the issues mentioned above. 

Apart from classroom training, students in the higher courses can also use the gathered knowledge in practice by providing legal consultation. 

The faculty of Jurisprudence of USEL University is accredited by N 227 accreditation of Republic of Armenia.