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During the educational process the Chair press an accent on combining the study of the theoretical basis of the discipline with practical evaluation through project work and research work, not forgetting to reveal the true essence of judicial values.  Teaching is conducted by highly qualified specialists, most of who are involved in the legal sphere of the country. We aim to encourage students to gain skills and knowledge through an effective student-centered approach to learning and teaching.

The missions of the Chair:

  • To teach the students the contemporary approaches in the field of criminal justice specialization.
  • To increase the students’ knowledge of narrow specializations.
  • To ensure the realization of scientific, educational-methodological and analytical work.
  • To increase the quality of education.
  • To cultivate and inculcate the corresponding study materials
  • To promote the development of the post-graduate education

To ensure the principle of the “Reverse connection” of the students and the professorial-teaching staff

The objectives of the Department of Law.

• Students create a partnership between law enforcement agencies and the conditions in which the student will practice the characteristics of law enforcement bodies

• Students provide the appropriate level of research and professional knowledge

• organize scientific seminars, conferences and other organizations, faculty chair of the prestigious Bar

• organize seminars, round tables, social, economic, business famous people

• collaborate with other universities with relevant departments to provide advice on curriculum and textbooks used.

Courses and seminars are interactive, research-oriented and designed to cover the main subject areas of the Chair’s work. Researchers gain experience in presenting their work, and are encouraged to participate in conferences, workshops and the Department's very active Working Groups.

The disciplines of the Chair:

Civil Law and Law of Civil Procedure

Theories and histories of the government and right

Constitutional and Municipal Law

Criminal Law and Law of criminal trial law

International and European Law

History of state and laws in foreign countries

History of state and laws in Armenia

History of state and laws in foreign countries

Criminal law



Criminal law of  the RA

The criminal law of foreign countries

Judicial ethic

The criminal punishment and practice of its application

The history of development of criminal-legal thought

The scientific bases of crimes’ qualification

Foreign criminal law