Usel University

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Financial Planning Department:

  •  Prepares the University development, budgetary and non-budgetary planning and draws up financial estimation
  •  Sets up the for the University expenditure strategy, creates information system by collecting, developing and completing the database.
  •  Draws up budgetary and non-budgetary financial estimations
  •  Prepares the lists of employees of corresponding subdivisions and submits for the Chancellor’s approval
  • Registers the annual shift of lecturers, administrative, educational and service staff, as well as students of tuition free, paid and distant learning systems
  • Draws up and submits for the Chancellor’s approval the financial statistic estimations about the number of employees, the wages fund, contingent planning implementation, and introduces all this to the of  RA Ministry of  ES and to the National Statistical Service within fixed deadlines 
  •  Takes accounts of the planed records and controls the effective realization of the University resources
  • Prepares the list of the University employees, together with the HR Department controls their targeted planning and efficient realization of the wages fund
  •  Registers the annual shift of students