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Internships are a great way for employers to build relationships with students at the USEL University and recruit great talent into their organizations. 

USEL University career centers, and international co-operation provided by the institution of higher education with special emphasis on practical activities.

University students in their educational practices implemented by the partner organizations, and the University of guest USEL practitioners works in the University.

As for USEL the University’s International Center provides a special service package for international students, including help with visa, housing and social activities. It also organizes a number of sightseeing tours to other parts of Armenia.The internship programs staff conducts and workshops throughout the academic year. We provide one-on-one student consultations by appointment and walk-in advisement sessions.

An internship should be designed to meet the needs of the organization and learning goals of the student. It should have pre-set goals outlined by the employer and agreed upon between the employer and student to ensure all expectations are met.

Internship Basics:

  • § Internships should balance the work needs of the organization and the learning goals of the intern
  • § Internships promote academic, career, and/or personal development
  • § Internships may be paid or unpaid and can be full-time or part-time
  • § Internships are distinguished from a short-term job or volunteer experience in that there is an intentional “learning agenda” structured into the experience
  • § The duration may be anywhere from eight weeks to two years, but typically last the course of a semester

In summary, an internship program should provide the student with meaningful work experience, and the employer with a qualified employee to carry out the work. An internship should not be created solely to carry-out clerical and/or less desirable tasks; interns should be challenged by and learn from their internship in ways that contribute to their educational and career goals.