Usel University

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Teaching in USEL University is being carried according to the European standards and interactive methods. The academic process is corresponding to the international standards. Continuous events and activities are leading to the improvement of the quality of education, as well as the implementation of the principles of the Bologna Declaration. Year by year international relations with foreign universities are enlarging, joint academic projects are carried out. The quality of the knowledge provided in USEL University is enough for students to continue the education in corresponding faculties of European and American universities.


The University provides an individual approach towards each student and values the qualitative and not the quantitative growth in the educational process. The number of students in each faculty is strictly controlled to ensure the possibility for the pedagogue to pay attention to each student. 


The university is equipped technically, there is a computer room equipped with modern techniques, language laboratory, a library full of rich literature, photo and criminalistic labs. 


The quality tracking of education is always under the control of the university management body and is realized in help of performance appraisals and personal academic cards. 


The internal system of tracking of education includes activities such as lesson listening, open lessons, development and implementation of testing system. 


 Proper attention is paid to the preservation of internal order, performance improvement issues, level of education, implementation of advanced methods of effective communication between teachers and students. 


 According to each specialization of the educational program all faculties are organizing educational, manufacturing and prediploma internships annually.