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The Legal Advice Clinic is a free service offered to the students and staff of the USEL University.
Law students in the Clinic gain a comparative perspective on how to use the law as a tool for social justice in domestic as well as international cases and projects. In addition to litigation in criminal, civil or administrative proceedings, they learn to employ non-litigation strategies for influencing law and policy such as drafting and distributing strategic press releases, reports based upon qualitative research and fact-finding, human rights training manuals and legislative proposal.


The concept of pro bono work is a country wide initiative with the intention of providing free and impartial legal advice to those in need. The USEL University has been successfully providing legal advice free of charge to students and employees of the University for many years.


While acquiring knowledge and skills for international lawyering and human rights advocacy, students support the critical work of human rights advocates and organizations worldwide. The Clinic focuses on addressing the most serious and widespread human rights violations of our day such as persecution, torture, slavery, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.


This collaboration includes partnering with USEL alumni engaged in human rights advocacy and drawing from their expertise. An important part of the assistance offered by Clinic students is the willingness and ability to work with partner advocates and organizations on-site whether at home or abroad.


 The Clinic seeks to engage in high impact work confronting the human rights violations, involving advocacy in a variety of legal proceedings: civil, criminal and administrative. The Clinic seeks to get involved in work where students learn how to apply law as a tool for social justice. The Clinic offers international human rights law expertise, but also advice on the applicability of related areas of international law such as international criminal law, humanitarian law and refugee law. The Clinic endeavors to expose students to a multi-faceted approach to human rights advocacy. As such, it may engage in work involving advocacy in a variety of legal proceedings: civil, criminal and administrative.


Beyond litigation, students may take on work that involves non-litigation strategies such as drafting strategic press releases; investigative fact-finding reports; policy impact papers informed by qualitative research; training manuals or legislative proposals. Furthermore, students may get involved in work that involves direct client interaction-representing individual survivors of human rights abuses directly in their claims for justice.


The clinic is committed to providing helpful and accurate advice to our clients and, in reaching this aim, our advisors receive training of the highest standards and only dedicated students are selected for this prestigious role. Although it is ensured that our advisors are competent, all sessions are supervised by legal academics and professors, further enhancing the possibility of solving each of our clients’ problems.    


In the event that a client presents a problem which does not fall within one of our areas of competence our advisors will make a referral to a local solicitor specialising in the area of law concerned.





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The legal faculty of USEL University offers free legal consultation services. Our students and graduates are ready to support individuals in solving emerging legal issues. 

Together with students and graduates the pedagogical staff also participates in case discussions and analysis which ensure higher accuracy and quality. 

Dear all, if you are in uncertain legal situation, if you need to navigate in complicated legislative field, you are welcome to register and obtain legal advice from USEL University legal consultants. 

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