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Culture Club


USEL University, along with the educational process, great attention is paid to students outclasses life.

University Cultural Club's main goal is the implementation of the University's cultural activities, coordination of the University's cultural life, cultural activities, and quality assurance groups.

The University was formed by various cultural groups, which are involved in the work of creative and talented students and lecturers.

In the USEL University as part of the Culture Club are:

  • University Dance Ensemble
  • University Choir,
  • Intellectual club. Club of the Funny and Inventive
  • University cultural skills development, active participation in the cultural life of the students,
  • Faculties and other units in the organization of cultural events to promote, support, provide advice,
  • Interuniversity establish cultural ties,
  • Students' gifted and talented students in the detection,
  • cultural events (festivals, exhibitions, competitions, holiday parties, meetings with cultural, educational lectures, seminars, etc.) organization and,
  • Cultural topics of lectures, seminars and discussions organized.
  • Through different formation ofthe students aesthetic promotes
  • Visits to various cultural centers by organizing views in discussions with various creative groups.
  • Cultural Organization and implementation of meetings with representatives of different sectors, which aims to preserve the rich culture and multi-faceted presentation of future generations.

Club functions are:

Students aesthetic taste and quality, enhanced range ofinterests and ensure the multilateral development center organizes, cultural competitions, exhibitions, festivals and various other events.

Different areas of cultural seminar conducting lectures frequently providea student enjoy the leisure and significantly expands their creative outlook.