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Dance club

Dance is song of body and is a painting through body. Dance is the efforts of ideas, spirit fighting and heroism.

The Armenian dance has a centuries-old traditions. During Millennium was formed a whole of the rituals, beliefs, celebrations, which was religious characteristics, the household, accurately described the nation's emotional world, national psychology, philosophy, and on the basis was founded the nation's non-material culture, particularly dance.

At the University is operating Armenian folk dance group `«USEL Ensemble", which aim is the preservation of the best Armenians cultural traditions, spread, the feeling of the beauty of folk dancing.

The dance ensemble distinguishes the folk dances, which were made in ​​popular festivities, family celebrations and rituals; military dances, were displayed the different practices of the types of weapons, the scenes, the defeated Lament and the joy of victory.

Of course, a special place takes the Kochari, which is the most popular and is currently stored Dance in the The Armenian Highland.